Here are a few client testimonials.

Ken, Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism…it was comforting.

To anyone considering hiring Ken Pajak…

As person who never had the need for the services a lawyer I didn’t quite know what to expect with the process of probating a will. With the raw emotions of my husbands passing I wanted to make the process as simple as possible so I followed through with referrals from friends and selected Ken Pajak’s Law Firm. This decision proved to be wise. He was kind, detailed and professional throughout the entire process that finished in a timely manner. He has a thoughtful understanding of how to treat his client and great knowledge and experience to make the probate process efficient. You would be happy with the results with his firm.

Lisa B., Probate
We truly appreciate your work for us, your attention to detail, and total professionalism. If/when we have need for legal help in the future, we will not hesitate to contact you.
Jim and Patty M., Trusts and Estate Planning
I needed an attorney in Texas for probate on my father’s estate. He died in Mexico and didn’t have a will. I live in California, and due to the complexity with my case, I couldn’t find an attorney that would help me. I had almost given up, but thought I would give it one last try, so I contacted Ken, who came highly recommended. I was so impressed with his counsel. He didn’t make any crazy promises, he was very realistic and down to earth. It was a lengthy process, but he made me feel comfortable and kept me informed all the way. I know that without Ken’s help I would not have won my case. I would and will recommend him to anyone needing a top notch attorney. Ken made a heart wrenching case much easier to handle because of his professionalism, and because I felt like he really cared.
Theresa M., Probate
I am appreciative of your talents and the time required to develop the drafts and the expediency in which it was done.
Nancy H., Wills and Advance Directives
Knowledgable. Client-Oriented. Very Helpful.
Inna B., Estate Planning and Marital Property Issues
Ken was very impressive. He did the work very well and in a timely manner. Anytime I have a need for legal help, Ken is the one to call.
Leland P., Living Trusts
Fast, efficient, affordable, friendly – Ken Pajak goes above and beyond!
John J., Estate Planning and New LLC Formation for Restaurant
My husband and I needed to get our estate planning ducks in a row as we were weeks away from having our first baby, and we thought our needs were simple and straightforward, so I went online to and started filling out the questionaire for a will.

I soon realized that while the online form was easy enough and cost only $80, I was left with more questions than answers–did I buy the right document? Was it legal in Texas? Was it valid since I was pregnant? After calling their help line and speaking to a representative unable to answer any of my questions since she was not a lawyer, we quickly realized we needed a professional.
We contacted Ken Pajak and had our initial meeting within a few days and our final paperwork ready to sign very shortly thereafter. More importantly, we had answers to all of our questions and Ken’s thorough examination of our estate and final wishes made me realize how woefully under prepared and uninformed we were. He had answers to questions we didn’t even know we should be asking.

I feel confident that our estate planning needs have been fully addressed and are as airtight as possible. That peace of mind is worth the cost of a professional and I highly recommend Ken Pajak to my friends and family in need of the same services.

Kendra and Paul H., Estate Planning
The music business is just that, music and business. Throughout my songwriting career I have been able to focus on the music and know, with confidence that my business was in order and in good hands with Ken Pajak. Ken has guided me through my publishing affairs in a timely, thorough and professional manner. Ken’s knowledge of the music industry and down to earth approach make him my first choice as my music attorney and a great guy I’m proud to call my friend.
Mike M., Songwriter and Music Publisher
Ken Pajak helped me to recover ownership of copyrights to songs that for many years were in possession of someone who had taken them by fraudulent means. Much thanks to Ken, the songs are now with their rightful owner! He has also helped with with other legal matters as well. I would never think of looking for a better attorney; Ken Pajak is the very best, in my book.
Marsha W., Music Publisher Business & Estate Planning
Ken Pajak was recommended to us by a friend as a trustworthy attorney. We were facing a breach of contract and needed help getting back some of the money provided to the contractor. Ken was able to nail down the right strategy within minutes of meeting with him and we were able to recoup our money. We are very grateful to have found Ken and will definitely trust him with all our business related affairs not only as a lawyer but as an advisor.
Ben and Stephanie, LLC Owners
Mr. Ken Pajak helped me to bring legal papers up-to-date regarding will, estate planning etc. His service was congenial, professional, prompt and courteous. His fees are reasonable and easy to pay. I recommend him to anyone needing help with personal legal matters. It will give your mind ease to know you have made proper arrangements for future needs.
Rosemary W., Estate Planning
My mother was referred to Mr. Pajak by her Financial Adviser, who mentioned that he was the only person she never had complaints about after a referral. Mr. Pajak was very patient and explained in detail the information my mother needed for her will. He gave her different options and helped her in planning her estate. He had a great deal of patience, and it was important to him that she understand completely her decisions and their repercussions. I felt like he was very knowledgeable and up to date on current estate laws. Although she paid him a flat fee, he was not rushed and was willing to visit with her until she was satisfied. I would recommend him highly.
Judith G., Estate Planning
I would recommend attorney Ken Pajak for any legal issues you may have. The firm employees are caring, efficient and wonderful at keeping you up to date on the status of your claim. Ken Pajak is a great lawyer! He has extensive knowledge of the law and he will work tirelessly to help you. He is honest, cares about his clients and knows how to get things done. He will work hard from start to finish. He helped me when no one else was willing to take on my suit and won! I am very grateful to Ken Pajak and I hope that you will take the opportunity to turn to them if you find yourself in need of a good attorney.
Michelle S., Injured Independent Contractor
I was more than pleased to discover that my decision to update my will and medical directives was not a cookie cutter exercise. Ken Pajak was more than patient when answering questions and explaining various options during the drafting session of the experience.
Donald J., Estate Planning
He was wonderful and knew how best to deal with my situation.
Lynn K., Business and Trademark Owner
I became a widow very suddenly and unexpectedly. Knew I would need an attorney to settle estate matters.

Luckily, my financial advisor referred me to Ken Pajak. Ken met with my oldest daughter and me right away. His administrative assistant, Susie was very helpful in providing me with directions to the office and even offered to come and lead me to it if I got lost. On our first visit, Ken kindly explained the probate process, answered all of our questions, and did not rush the process when we became overcome with grief. I worked downtown, but am terrified of driving in that area. When I asked Ken if he would mind picking me up for the Probate Court appearance, he never hesitated to do so. He has called to offer support and advice at times throughout the process. He has since assisted me with updating my will. Placing my absolute trust in Ken was one of the wisest decisions I have made. He is as warm and compassionate as he is professionally adept. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Teddie P., Widow, Probate & Estate Planning

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